About us

The Oxford Society Munich is the officially recognized Alumni branch of the University of Oxford in Munich. We are committed to fostering the growing network of former Oxford students in the south of Germany. The society hosts a series of termly events, to which all alumni of the Munich area are always cordially invited. Of course, visiting alumni from other regions are also most welcome to join for our events. For more details, please see the “Events” section.

Currently, the Society is chaired and run by a committee of voluntary Alumni:

Caroline Weimann, President (St. Hilda’s College)
Annemarie Große Frie, Vice President (New College)
Marco Janezic, Chairman (Teddy Hall)
Alexander Sandkamp, Treasurer (Pembroke College)
Matthias Beestermöller, Communications Officer (Christ Church)
Leonie Fresenius, Membership Secretary (St. Hilda’s College)
Nils Pfeiffer, Events Coordinator (New College)
Balbir Blugan, Events Officer (St. Anne’s College)
Barbara Jagersberger, Events Officer (St. Hilda’s College)
Benjamin Wannenwetsch, Events Officer (St. Peter’s College)
Chen Li, Events Officer (St. John’s College)
Daniel Medawar, Events Officer (Brasenose College)
Jens Fischer, Events Officer (St. Cross College)
Lena Fuldauer, Member in Residence (St. Edmund Hall)
Marlene Speth, Events Officer (Exeter College)
Valentina Tulechov, Events Officer (DPIR)
Father Robert Mehlhart, Chaplain (Blackfriars)

The Oxford Society Munich is an autonomous group for alumni of the University in Munich and operates independently of the University. Responsibility for this website and all activities associated with it are the full responsibility of the group and its organising committee. The website is not maintained, monitored, or in any way under the control of the University of Oxford.