Oktoberfest 2017

In annual tradition, the Oxford Alumni Society in Munich gathered again for its Oktoberfest celebrations. The Oktoberfest is predominantly known for its beer. And indeed, beer plays an important role: It is technically impossible not to have a mug of beer in your hands – not even for a few minutes. Why? Because people want to say cheers every few minutes, whenever the brass-band plays the toast “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit”. When this song is finished, all party guests count to three and then take a big sip. Of course, this ever-repeating procedure was also carried out this year. Some Oxonians started the evening with having a heated discussion about the upcoming general election in Germany. But intellectual discourse rarely lasts for long at the Oktoberfest. The later the evening, the more hilarious the evening: People standing on the beer benches, chanting their favourite songs about red balloons or cowboys and Indians.

But the Oxford Octoberfest is much more than that: It is the place where old friends celebrate reunion, and new friendships are made. It is the place where long forgotten Oxford stories are rediscovered. And it is the place where unexpected moments (almost necessarily) occur. I think it is not an accident that disproportionally many Oxford couples have met at the Oktoberfest. And this year? We don’t know yet, but we will be told next year at latest.